Montenegro: A Country not for Tourists But…

Montenegro a country in southeastern Europe on Adriatic sea. The name derives from Venetian and translated to “black mountain” deriving from the appearance of Mount Lovcen when it is covered by thick evergreen forest.

With Bosnia in the north, Serbia in the east, Albania in South and Croatia in the west, Montenegro is a very conveniently located country for a couple of days trip. We drove from Dubrovnik Croatia to this really gorgeous country. It took us about 2 hours and 15 mins including the queuing up at the international borders.

The Drive:

One of the most scenic and grand road trips, I have ever had so far in my life. The landscape changes dramatically as you leave Croatia and enter this nation. Right up to the International crossings the landscape remains torrid and dry as the most of Croatia is, but the moment you enter Montenegro, long pine trees and lush green landscape welcome you, by the time you are sinking into the beauty of this nation, the bay of Kotor starts, and once this patch of drive starts, you just can’t control your jaws dropping in meagre awe of the grandeur of this nation.  Sea on your right, with most awe-inspiring yachts and boats playing and gliding on the calm Adriatic sea and mountain on your left, the drama and theatrics this country offers are beyond words to explain or describe. One got to see and drive through to witness and experience the magnanimity. IMG_0140


Bay of Kotor

We had to stop for quite a few times to click and capture the unspoilt beauty. After many photo-op pit stops, we reached our accommodation in Kotor. The most famous city of Montenegro.

View from our balcony

Once we checked in, it was about 4 PM and we were already excited enough to explore the town Kotor, we stayed really close to the castle and old town, I guess it is always advisable to stay near the city’s centre or attraction, well yes it is always bit touristy but then it avoids being tired looking for options to reach the attraction or city centre.

On tourists, well as I have mentioned this city of Kotor or country Montenegro is not for tourists but for the traveller in you.  The surge in tourism has not yet hit this part of the east Euro like it has done to Croatia.  So enjoy the country if you like exploring and just not clicking for Instagram 😀

Entrance Kotor Castle
The Theatrical backdrop
Walk up the castle

Walking up the castle, here in Kotor is bit tricky and tedious,IMG_0228 so be prepared for a long trek but believe me IT IS WORTH IT.

Views make up for the effort. Old Town Kotor for you Ladies and Gentlemen.
Had to click this: New pair of Sneakers need attention.




Kotor Cats 

If you are a cat lover, Kotor is a treat for you. Countless numbers of feline friends will welcome and pose for you, and surprisingly they all are super friendly and ready for a cuddle anytime by anybody.  I managed to click some of them but let me tell you something, these cats are so fucking adorable and cute that you will keep clicking them and they keep posing for you just like a well-trained supermodel.


After a tiring trek to up the castle, we were left will no more fuel. So we decided to just spend the evening at the Marina chilling and sipping some rose wine.



By far the best Grilled Prawns

Well, if you have been reading my blogs and following us on  Instagram, you would know that we are not the kind of explorers who would retire without an eventful night, so yes we did not take much time to rejuvenate ourselves with some wine and grilled prawns and was ready for a wild night.

Though our legs were aching after the long drive and castle trek, a wild night was waiting for us at BUDVA, another coastal town near Kotor. Budva from Kotor is about 40 KMs and takes about an hour to reach the Budva beach. This place in the season is open all night… so don’t worry if the old town takes a little more time than planned, you can still go to this mad beach town to let the hair down and party like there is no tomorrow. Like we DID 😀




Next day, it was fresh and a beautiful morning… on our list was “Perast”

Perast : 

Perast : It was about 25 min drive northwest from old town Kotor along the bay. Perast is a small beach town , with a few but great accommodation options and some really awesome eating options along the marine. .
There are two islets, one is called the Sveti Juraj ( St George ) and the other is Our lady of the rocks, each has a picturesque Chapel…Though small in size but like the other cities in this region, Perast too is supremely rich in history dated as old as 10th century. .. .

Well, Weather to stay in Kotor or Perast, well I would say stay in Perast only if you have minimum 2-3 nights in Montenegro as this town is a charmer but you need to submit into him so that it could really take you off your feet…
Drama as I would like to call this place, every frame, every Cm of this place had some theatrics about it. .This town looked like a film set and Yes a Gorgeous one. .
So if you planning Montenegro, Perast is the magic you wouldn’t want to miss . #perast .
Swipe right for the Perast Pictory. #montenegro .

BUDVA Shopping
IMG_0306 (1)
Partner in Crime: They Very Gorgeous Neha Sinha:: Follow her on Instagram @nomadicmind.


Eating options at Perast are plenty and one will never run out of choices, though we will suggest this epic place Otok Bronza.

Otok Bronza : Lip-smacking food.
Tanned and Happy
I love clicking such frames:: So Innocent and So much in Love.


Well, Perast, as you can see, was amazing but unfortunately, we did not have much time or else we would have loved to stay at least a night in this gorgeous and sexy town.

Alas, we had to leave but with an assurance that Montenegro is one nation, we would surely come back again.

Those who haven’t yet been to this country and in dilemma, well think no more, this country is for the explorer and traveller in you and not for the tourist, visit before it changes its core ethos.





Hope you liked my effort to document and leave my Digital pictory behind. I am in  a process of pushing myself to write and document more, but as you would expect collared hippie, is a hippie in the head but collared to the cosmic world, so the world of work is keeping me at bay from writing but this time, i have decided to  document each country and place I have been during this recent trip. So blog on Slovenia and Croatia to be up soon.

Meanwhile, please share your feedback and comments, helps me better my non-existing blogging skills.

Till my next post: Keep it simple, just keep breathing.




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