Cheat Codes To Book Resort in Maldives.

It was a lazy April Sunday afternoon when Neha and I were just cuddling in bed, talking about the travel we have done in past 12 months and wish list of future. About 20 minutes into the conversation and after 10-15 pecks, we decided to tick another destination off our bucket list, Yes we had then decided to Visit Maldives in May.

Ek baar to humne commitment kar dee, to fir to hum sirf apne client ki sunte hai 😀 

That Sunday, after we decided that next destination to satisfy our ever hungry for peace soul would be Maldives, it was time to first, look for days and accommodate dates, as Neha had a few Interior Projects and I had my clients wanting me to plan next media campaign for them, but bhai log, apna aisa hai ki ek baar jo commitment kar dee.. to kar dee.. In about 2 hours we figured that 11 nights and 12 days is something we would manage to squeeze in. You guys must be thinking 11 nights in @maldives : Boss fir tumhe idea nahi hai , we travel to learn and explore and not to just tick off a place. ( read other blogs for clarity)

Once the dates were final, next was the resort and islands we would be like to visit. Now here was the challenge: Maldives Comprises of about 1200 Islands and close to 200 Islands are inhabited by 50% as the Local island and 50% as Resort Islands, every island is gorgeous and each resort is out of the world. The Choices in Maldives are really tough to make, but our research and study for next 10 days, gave us a way to crack a way to


Choosing a resort in Maldives can be taxing as hell, as all the resorts look out of the world and lagoons are incredible. We spent more than two weeks to pick one resort and in process of same, we used a few steps to ease the confusion: Below are the three crack codes we followed, sharing with you guys: See if it helps

Code 1: Look For Water Bungalow:

Water Bungalow with complete privacy is a  must when in Maldives : So negate all those resorts, who do not offer water bungalow. These villas are the epitome of privacy, romance. The only catch, these are usually the maximum prices rooms in any resort, so look for a property which offers at a good price. @Sheraton Maldives is one such property, where the water bungalows are like a dream world and priced .. well not cheap but yeah quite a value for money…. Private, Pristine, Beautiful and in Price.




Private Lagoon with turquoise water, at your doorstep


Code 2: Do Not Stay at Local Island 

Local Islands: As the name suggests, these islands are inhabited by local Maldivian and unless you are on a really tight budget vacation and adamant in living a Maldivian way, DO NOT STAY AT LOCAL ISLANDS> These islands are not what you perceive Maldives to be.  The restriction is a norm on these islands so avoid.

Code 3: Transport from the Airport Island  

Maldives, the biggest expense is the Airport transfer cost from Male Airport to the resort island, we searched many resorts suiting all the pointers we were looking for a resort, but the transfer cost would be more than India-Male return fare, there are islands in South Atoll of Maldives where the transfer cost is close to INR 55000 return, and average being INR 30000. So advisable to stay on resort Island which is closer to the Airport, in order to avoid expense on transfer and might as well, utilize that saved money on water sport and other activities. Also many island resorts do not arrange pickup at your convenience but at their pre decided schedule, so to be a part of their pickup , one needs to schedule the flight accordingly, which we found too tricky and stressful , Again we found @sheraton Maldives: Full Moon Resort suiting the bill, close to Airport with private transfer arranged at any hour at really an affordable price, USD 140 per head.


Code 4: Resort and Activity it offers

Resort Island: Ting !! Point am trying to make here is, make sure you read and research well on the activity a resort offers, as all these resorts are secluded and on an Island, so you can’t probably take a boat and go for an evening stroll to nearby island 😀 , you basically get cut off from the world and confined to that particular resort and island, which I feel is the USP and beauty of Maldives. Having said that, one must see if the resort offers water sport or similar activity and if yes at what price? This again will help you negate a lot of resort options and make your life simple.


Shark Feeding everyday at Sunset



Shine Spa : A Spa Island at Sheraton Full Moon


Code 5: Cuisine and Food Review 

Food !! Yes, Maldives is a dream destination for Sea food lovers, only if you choose your stay wisely. Not many provide the food and buffet like we experienced at Sheraton Maldives. So Choose and Pick Wisely.



Code 6: If traveling with children, look for Child-friendly resort

Maldives is a honeymooner paradise, with romance and love in the air. So if you traveling with Kids, make sure you choose a child-friendly resort for two basic reasons: A. you get time to yourself to indulge in Maldives Love and Lust 😉 and B. your Kid is busy being a kid. So while booking, make sure about the activities for kids resort offers and if the resort is child-friendly or not, many resorts in Maldives are only for adults ( 16 yrs and above). Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort scores a full mark there, they actually have created a mini play area with nannies.




Code 7: Staff Courtesy and Willingness to Help

Maldives is not a backpack destination at all, by all standards, it is an expensive destination, so one thing which becomes really critical and important is Resort staff courtesy and willingness to help. Choose once you read atleast 10-15 reviews about the resort… We did the same for Sheraton and yes it was a pleasure.

At Sheraton Maldives, we experienced one of the best staff courtesy and service till date. The Resort Manager, Ms. Jacq is really incredible and takes care of each guest with all compassion and love. She indeed loves her job and Maldives. Chinese by origin, she was really helpful during our stay and also took us for a guided tour of the island.


Code 8: Accommodation Types 

Yes, water bungalows are essential for your Maldives vacation, but keep in mind these bungalows are normally the most expensive option and also really private and secluded. So if you are visiting Maldives for about 4-5 nights, I would advise you to stay at Water Villa for 2 nights and then move to a beach cottage or room. This will save you a lot of money and also would help you explore the resort and island.

Make sure the resort you picking has options beyond and more than just water villas.

Again, just to mention here we stayed at water villa for 2 nights and for rest of the days we shifted to beach side cottage.



Code 9 : Waiting Lounge/Room

Waiting Lounge .. Am sure you must be thinking, how on earth that qualifies for a cheat code to book a resort, well think again.

Imagine this, your flight from Maldives to your home destination is scheduled late in the night and your check out time is 2 PM, the boat to ferry you to the airport is scheduled at 6 PM… Now, if the resort does not have a waiting lounge, where do you relax and enjoy the last moments on the island. A Waiting Lounge is imperative parameter while booking.




Well, hope the above codes will help you in picking your right choice and resort. I would like to mention and re-accentuate here that MALDIVES IS ONE DESTINATION, YOU MUST VISIT ONCE IN YOUR LIFE TIME !!



Leaving you with some more images from our Sheraton Full Moon Resort Stay. .. Thank you Sheraton Full Moon Resort, Maldives for moments for life time.




Comment and Share your feedback.


Keep Breathing and Cheers !!



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