This Summer :Private, Secluded Beach & Imran Bhai.

A Beach Bungalow spread across in approx 50,000 Sqft , away from any kind of touristy activity.. with high-profile neighbors to boast about , like Milan Lutharia, Rizwi Merchant, Gautam Singhania and many others. Imran Bhai, a 5ft 10 inch modest man, owns this super awesome property with a private beach & pool  at Nandgaon, about 12KM from Murud Zanjeera.

So, when Nomadic’s cousins were planning an ONLY COUSIN outing(watsapp group ka kamaal) Imran bhai ka bangla was the best & only option suited us perfectly, as we were about 12 adults and 2 kids, with 10 people from Mumbai and we 2, from amchi Pune.We needed a beach destination not too far from either city, and obviously since we are super rich(ghanta)  we needed a private bungalow and that too with private beach… Wollah Imran Bhai rocks !!

It was two days of madness, fun and epicness , all this really close to Pune… No flights or stop over or long drive , 4 hours flat , and we were there where the life begins…

This Place : Nandgaon Beach 

Pristine, quite, clean, secluded and really private . .. let me take you all through a photo blog.

IMG_1216 (2)

This is the Bungalow, right on beach with 5 bedrooms, private swimming-pool, fully equipped kitchen and huge hall to chill. We actually spent more time in pool than in bed.


Beast Just Loves water.

edited 5

The moment we reached the place, these gentlemen ( Shippie Hippies) were at work. Naresh , man with blue watch had got some local drink from Brazil and wanted us all to trip over it .. and it was AWESOME><  It is called CAIPIRINHA or KASACHA , basically todi with Lime but muuah lovely.

edited 4

After effect of that lovely drink, men started feeling lovely … 😀 ( to the left ,another shippie hippie, Vipul Kumar )


They got flags and like any mad human being, they started playing and posing with same.. another effect of Kasacha 😀

edited 3


After psoing and photo-ops, we went to alocal fish market to get some, fish for the BBQ dinner party we planned that night, by the ocean , under billion stars…

Fishes and cost at which we bought them, were like dirt cheap.. like dirt dirt cheap.


Guess how much it must’d cost us, there for about 12 Pomfret fishes… comment below and win some really cool stuff.

Anyway, that night was one crazy night, we BBQed, all arrangements like BBQ set, coal etc were managed by Imran Bhai and we got the Meat and fish fresh from market, that night we drank like a fish and ate a lot of fish.

After a Mad but epic night, next day was just beach and pool time .. lazying by the pool or on hammock , basically doing nothing, just sinking in the moment and breathing fresh air. ( it gets really windy in the morning now in coastal Maharashtra) It was amaaaazing !!

beach 1

Private , secluded and really pristine beach. Rent the bungalow get beach for free.



As mentioned, we spent more time in the pool than in bed, so beer in Pool was quite obvious and also photo of it under water.


Nomadic and Her Fav brother … some family time to banta hai boss !!


We were at Imran Bhai’s for two nights and spent some of the best times of our lives, laughter, fun, dance and innocence, where each person was carefree and happy. This is what happens when you travel and travel together in a pack, you become closer and happier… so this summer make sure you make at-least one travel plan with your entire family… and if Murud then you know where to go !!

Murud2 edited


Cheers !!




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