Be My Valentine : Today & Always !!

My Valentine for last 15 years and for next 100 years !!

Nomadicmind_ aka Neha and I met in year 2002 during our first year of NS Wadia College.. Our meeting , courtship and being married for such a long time is an epic tale in itself.

While she was the quintessential student of the year with good grades, smiling face, teacher’s and professor’s favorite and attendance which looked more like an air traffic control’s log sheet with more flights on time than delayed and less like an college attendance register..She was a student of whom college was proud !!!

Well Me, diagonally opposite of what she was, a brat, mischievous, attendance sheet looked more like an amavysya sky, i spent more time on chai tapri than lecture rooms, story-teller,dreamer, herd leader, bribed lab assistants to keep the attendance sheet ticking, bribed for admission in first place … so out n out .. Bekaar , a student college would love to forget.

But then they say, couples are destined to meet and jodi uparwala bana ke bhejta hai (SRK Pause ) hmmm ..

So it was that HariHareshwar trip organised by Botany Deptt , where i had no chance to be on as i was a physics student (ahem ahem matlab kya paise pure diye the ) but i have always seen, every lukkha boy like me will have many like mined lukkha boys around him, and they naturally pull each other and become blood brother , so this was the case with Rakesh Borge , he was the guy who made me slip into this trip and got me in by faking my course as Botany .. Since then he is THE BHAI !!

Moving on, on the bus to Hari-Hareshwar as i step up the deck i see a lot of smiling faces matlab ek saath inti ladkiyaan .. jackpot.
Thanked Rakesh and moved towards the rear of the bus, as Classroom ho ya bus .. maine kabhi front seat pe vishwaas hi nahi rakha hai !!

So started moving towards the back seats , it was more like a prowl , was scanning each pretty face as there were plenty, saw a girl who blv me looked like “Rati Agnihotri” and in flash i started feeling like Kamal Hasan &in moments i my mind started weaving “Ek Duje ke Liye” Screenplay… as i was about to make my final attack on this Rati Agnihotri , two things happened and those two things changed my life.

Two Things in Series :
Some one yelled “yeh hava nahi aa rahi hai panka idhar kar “
Rati Agnihotri Says “Kya re Neha.. tere ku kitna hawa mangta”

My attention suddenly got to this girl, shouting, screaming for more air sitting coyly in left corner window seat of the bus, with Red Tee and Blue Cigarette Jeans, curly hair and super infectious smile … My “Ek Duje Ke Liye” now will have a different star cast was decided then at that moment. That Curly Hair, screaming girl for more air was Neha Kathuria Sinha , then Neha Kathuria and now Neha Kathuria Sinha !!

We met, I fell for her, love, courtship and then marriage with lot of conditions.. but blv me each condition she has put on me have made me a better person and human being.

Our Mad Love Story is like I keep falling in love with her, i mean like every day and for her its like “Ok if you insist” .. It’s been 15 years and seems like yesterday … i walked into that bus and spotted you .. pretty babe !!

I will today and always be stupidly in love with you, weather you like it or not !! 😀


Happy Valentine’s Day


#collaredhippie #lovestory


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