New Year’s Eve 2017: In Book of Life

New year’s Eve is Here, A Time to celebrate, go wild and to welcome 2017 in most unusual manner. I have an approach towards planning new year’s eve party.. infact a Modus Operandi !!

I have a peculiar modus operandi for planning New Year’s eve (31st December night) Celebration. Well, every year i try to visualize and picture myself how i would like to welcome the new year with my travel buddy (nomadicmind_) at the strike of midnight. This year the picture which crossed and stuck to my mind was “Away from City, in a Jungle with Bonfire and Old Monk in hand” , and here i am all set for one such awesome new year’s eve… A road trip to somewhere away for from City’s hustle and in midst of nature.

Excited Main Aidda !! (details of location soon) Hint : Southern India


This approach towards planning THE 31st December Night, has one and only logic & that is to welcome each year in a different and memorable fashion. ..

I beleive  that  life is all about making moments so that when you are on verge of closing  your book called “life”and flip back to the years & chapters,  each chapter should be  more interesting ,colorful and most importantly unique  than the other one.

My quest is to leave a book behind where each chapter tells one tale “Life lived in totality, each moment celebrated , each breath respected, each day invested, each relation remembered, each drink enjoyed.. life lived with free spirit ”

So, what are you writing ??

Let us connect and share stories ..



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